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https://archive.is/vCw8F | https://vgy.me/TTz0qy.png :

Roasted Carrots with Carrot Top Pesto | Kitchen Vignettes | PBS Food

'I wrote about the nutritional benefits of roasting carrots whole and unpeeled in a previous blogpost. '

'This recipe will make about 3 cups of pesto, so even after you smother your roasted carrots in pesto, you’ll still have some leftovers. '

'But if you missed it, roasted whole carrots retain more of their nutrients than chopped carrots cooked using other methods. '

'There are so many different varieties of carrots to choose from and this recipe will benefit from a sweet, juicy, just-harvested carrot. '

'In fact roasting carrots in a little oil makes some of the nutrients more available for our bodies to absorb than eating them raw. '

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Haven't tried this yet but I thought it was a great idea worth sharing.