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I am going to copy/paste my explaination from [/v/outoftheloop](/v/outoftheloop) here:

The TPP is a trade pact with 11 Pacific rim countries. According to the US Trade Representative, they are Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam (note that China is not on the list).

People in favor of the TPP say it will liberalize trade in the region, lowering tariffs so companies can trade more freely and efficiently, raising GDP. What makes the TPP particularly attractive is the inclusion of Japan, who we have no trade agreement with yet.

Personally, I like free trade, but I hate the TPP, because it is not about free trade. Only 5 of the 29 chapters of the TPP is about trade at all, and the parts about trade are about propping up monopolies rather than extending more efficient, free trade around the region. Most of the TPP is about setting up an international court system staffed by corporate employees, who are not accountable to any democratic process. It also has much more strict anti-piracy laws so corporations can sue you for just about anything.

What Obama asked congress to do was to give him fast track authority. Fast track basically means that Congress gives up their line item veto power over treaties the president negotiates. Without fast track nobody will negotiate with the president in good faith, because they know congress will not let him do what he says he will do. If Obama didn't have fast track, he could be running back and forth between a dysfunctional congress and foreign nations to amend agreements forever, until the agreements fail when everybody gets frustrated. With fast track, the president gets foreign countries to agree to the treaty then congress gives it an up or down vote and if it passes it becomes law.

All the information we have on the TPP is from leaks, because the treaty is classified, which is unheard of for a major treaty that has been fast tracked to become law soon. It is so classified legislators can't read it. Even crazier, there are parts of it that will be classified for up to 4 years after the treaty goes into effect. If you want to read everything we have on it so far you have to read it on Wikileaks.

Here is a cartoon explaining how corporations will be allowed to sue governments.

Here is an online graphic novel that explains everything in detail.

Here is an article from the Huffington Post about how Obama refuses to demand that TPP members stop engaging in slavery.

Here is an RT video about the latest leak, where we learn that Obama wants to make generic drugs more difficult to access, in order to prop up the profits of companies like pfizer.


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Is this something Europeans also need to look into? I can imagine that now is the time for these kind of laws to be signed in backroom deals, while everyone is trying to deal with Greece over here.