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The establishment wants them here. That much is obvious, or they wouldn't be here. Why?

  • They're here because businesses hire them.

  • They're cheap labor. They make profits go up, and prices go down. It's why the only solution that would actually work to stop illegal immigration is never even mentioned: prosecute their employers. You know it would work because during the great recession more left than entered. They're here for the jobs we give them. There is massive demand for cheap labor, and just like in the total failure that is the drug war, cracking down on the supply is known not to work.

  • They cause unrest among the working class citizens by installing competition for manual labor jobs that undercut our own working class, thus making them angry, but at the wrong people, the ones here to work.

The whole 'build a wall' 'solution' is only bandied about because they know it won't actually work, and will probably line some contractors' pockets in the process. It's to rile up racism, and xenophobia and make you think they care. They don't.

The root of your misunderstanding seems to be that the establishment thinks that they're a problem at all. They managed to send the FBI to New Zealand to catch one guy. If they wanted illegal immigrants gone, they would be.

tl;dr: The establishment cares more about profits than its citizens, and illegals are the cheapest domestic labor there is.