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[–] Donbuster 2 points 27 points (+29|-2) ago 

I never said that they had the right to drive (which I hold that provided you are capable of doing so in a manner that is reasonably safe to other drivers, and any passengers you might carry, should be a right, and that the easiest way of managing this is a drivers license for whoever meets these requirements, no other questions asked), just that they had rights in general, something that the top level commenter seems to have forgotten; For instance, they have a right to freedom of religion still, and a right to due process, and their labor is still subject to things such as minimum wage, laws that are not explicitly listed in the constitution as rights. Provided they meet all other requirements for the license, I see no problems with them holding one. That being said, since most states require proof of citizenship, they do NOT meet these requirements, even though I disagree with the concept of requiring proof of citizenship to drive.


[–] KingofKong [S] 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Interesting. I thank you for your thoughtful reply. I still haven't gotten a solid answer on why an illegal immigrant isn't simply arrested and deported when they are standing right there admitting to bring an illegal though.


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Violation of due process protections, and because the resources involved in having an ICE agent at every BMV location would be unsustainable.


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Because honestly, no one gives a shit. They're here because businesses hire them. They're cheap labor. They make profits go up, and prices go down. It's why the only solution that would actually work to stop illegal immigration is never even mentioned: prosecute their employers. You know it would work because during the great recession more left than entered. They're here for the jobs we give them. There is massive demand for cheap labor, and just like in the total failure that is the drug war, cracking down on the supply is known not to work.

The whole 'build a wall' 'solution' is only bandied about because they know it won't actually work, and will probably line some contractors' pockets in the process. It's to rile up racism and make you think they care. They don't.


[–] Sikozen 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

You only say that because you've never had someone you care about hit by an illegal immigrant driving with no insurance. There is no due process for your loved one, no help for them - the immigrant is taken by Immigration to be processed and you are left on your own.

Proof of citizenship shows proof of accountability to for your actions, which i feel should be pretty high on the friggin' list when it comes to things you should have to operate a 2,000+ lb. machine on wheels.


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Do people in jail have the right to bear arms? Of course not. The same thing is true to people here illegally.