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The Democratic Party of America.


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Lol. Apparently 7 democrats read your comment. To those that downvoted, would you care to expand?

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I just downvoated because if you think the globalist traitors are all in one party, you're completely blind and you're playing their game.


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Down-voter here. I dislike blaming anything on a single political party. Both parties are intertwined with private interests and any politician on either side could make this benefit them in some way. Also, simply commenting like stanky_bawls did without a solid explanation is really just as terrible as all of the top comments on Reddit. The only reason it is so heavily upvoted is because the majority of Voat is anti-liberal/democrat. The comment adds nothing to the OP's discussion and does not truly answer the question.

I would also like to point out that I do not affiliate myself with either political party and thus have no ulterior motive. Good enough explanation for you?


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Now it's 21 read and didn't like the comment. lol.


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wut. So they were arrested on the spot when Republicans ran all three branches of government for the majority of Dubya's presidency?


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This article is about Oregon you idiot.


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The Democratic neo-conservative Party of America.