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Personally, I can't stand him, way too unprofessional. But I think that level of forwardness is why people are attracted to him. He says what he thinks and doesn't give a fuck (at least not as much of a fuck as most candidates).


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That unprofessionalism is also the antithesis to most other politicians, whom always seem as though their ties are too tight around their necks.


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The brutal honesty.


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A bunch of right wing folks are enamored by his promises to "uphold the constitution," and shit, when in reality he's promising to;

  • Deport Mexicans

  • Reset the economy back to the cycle of megacorps making their products and services illegal not to utilize

  • Make sure the ever-persecuted White Man over 20 is able to "speak his mind" about niggers and faggots without fear of "offending any liberuls" or whatever

*a ton of conservatives think he's going to magic-away the issues with the economy because they are too busy screaming at people about welfare and Obama to realize that millenials are, in fact, starting businesses and buying shit from USA based companies because we are tired of cheap goods and working for baby boomers. Good for them. We will continue to tell their economy to go fuck itself no matter how hypocritical they want to be about it.


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Millennials are starting businesses and buying shit from USA based companies

I am pretty sure you live in a bubble because that definitely doesn't happen. I don't have the data, but just look at any phone, car, electronic, machinery and where its made (barely ever made in the USA).

Make sure the ever-persecuted White Man over 20 is able to "speak his mind" about niggers and faggots without fear of "offending any liberuls" or whatever

I feel really bad for you if you think it's okay for certain people to express feelings but not others, no matter how vile they may be. I am a white male born 25 years ago. What did I do to deserve a limit on free speech?

Deport Mexicans

I'm pretty sure its about illegal immigrants, not mexicans.

Reset the economy back to the cycle of megacorps making their products and services illegal not to utilize

Okay, what world are you living in. Releasing restrictions on corporations improves quality. That is what is happening with Uber and government control is halting this better taxi service not less restrictions on corporations.


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Okay but what about the other side of what would actually happen in Congress because being president doesn't mean you get to do whatever the hell you want with laws. The reality is:

Much stricter immigration laws plus a lot of money spent keeping people out.

Looser interpretations of the 2nd amendment.

More corporate tax breaks, pressure to bring back some of the loopholes that allows corporations to pay no tax on income (though Ireland already cracked down on this).

Probably a denial of race issues by focusing on the amount of issues that 'everyone' has problems and just because you're black that doesn't been you get special treatment

Finally, really poor relations with countries like China, and many other manufacturing countries, plus more war for no reason other than we need war to sustain our economy

Trump wouldn't be a death sentence because the president isn't a monarch and doesn't get to decide what is passed through Congress, especially not if it's split. He'd just be an ass. I'd rather be led by a pussy than an ass.


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I doubt you're going to get a real answer from most replies on Voat, as the audience here is somewhere between "very liberal" and "extreme liberal". I myself am in the very liberal camp, but I'll try to give as unbiased an answer as I can. The following points are simply the public perception of Trump, and do not and should not be taken as an assertion that any of these points are actually true.

  1. Forceful and honest personality. He comes across as "That guy can get stuff done, and he won't bother to lie to me about what he wants to do." Trump has always taken the side of brutal honesty, and is never seen backing down or flip-flopping on issues.

  2. Trump says a lot of things that other politicians leave as subtext. Other politicians talk about "immigration reform", while Trump says "Deport the Mexicans". Both have the same goal, but Trump's direct statement makes him seem more honest.

  3. Trump is recognizable, and has no scandals in his past that "matter". Sure, he's had a lot of shady business dealings, but very few republicans care about that sort of thing. He hasn't cheated on his wife, or sent naked pictures of himself on grindr to another man. That puts him ahead of a lot of his own party.

  4. He says he hates his own party's leadership. The party leadership is currently seen as very weak and ineffective, as their power base has splintered under the last 7 years and the most notable things that the republican party have done amount to "throw a temper tantrum and shut down the government". Other candidates need to keep the leadership happy to continue to be invited to debates. Trump can stride out there and tell everyone how much he dislikes the group that put him on stage in the first place, and they're forced to keep inviting him back due to his popularity.


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Only thing I would add is that people do not think of him as a politician at all.

I think a lot of people might be looking with displeasure at the very plausible matchup of jeb bush vs hilary clinton. Both born and bred politicians. If that would happen would the US be a republic or an aristocracy?

I think people are getting tired of professional politicians in general and they do not really consider trump a politician.

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If this is your basis of voting, you're just as naive as the SJWs.


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I am what you would generally consider a democrat, although I think that's very narrow. I'm more in the middle with a heavy left lean. I'm all for gun rights and abortions, etc. I think Bernie makes the most sense, but if he doesn't make the Democratic nominee, I'd vote for Trump. Not because I believe in anything he stands for. For the most part, I think he'd be horrible for the country, but at least I think I can believe what he says. Although he's crazy, he's actually less of a wild card than anyone else.


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People are easily fooled because most of them are stupid.


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Scott Adams (guy who does Dilbert) has a gigantic blog series calling him a "Master Wizard" or persuasion.

Also he calls him a clown genius: http://blog.dilbert.com/post/126589300371/clown-genius

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