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Askvoat mod /u/she has a history of feminist/SJW-type comments. Said user deletes some threads that lack question marks, which violates the first rule of the sub.

People get upset because she is "authoritarian", "SJW". Threads are made and community bandwagons. Just another day on the Internet :)


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I'm sure you don't need someone to explain it to you like you're five.

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Removing an active post, that is clearly a question, because of a lack of punctuation is a bit much. Especially when it seems to be aimed at things @she doesn't like. If you're going to enforce the rules, you cannot be selective and need to be extremely clear that you are enforcing those rules, not a personal belief.

Beyond that there have been legitimate concerns raised over her behavior. She's entitled to free speech just like everyone else on Voat, but she's not entitled to impede on the free speech of other's in her capacity as a moderator. Especially not as a moderator of one of the largest and most active verses on the site.


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Since @She is a mod, doesn't that mean @She can do whatever @she wants in that sub? @shiny?


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You're misrepresenting the facts, it's not like she's removing threads just for "lack of punctuation", as if threads are getting deleted when users forget an apostrophe somewhere.

She's removing threads that violate the very first rule on the subverse, which is clearly stated as the first item on the sidebar. Whether or not you agree with the rule, the entire mod team, not just @she agreed upon it, and actively enforce it. If there is a problem with the rule, start a discussion on /v/modsofaskvoat, rather than witchhunting and blaming /u/she for everything.


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Question mark rule is kind of retarded


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Question mark rules is kind of retarded?

Apparently that is now a valid askVoat post


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If you are concerned with how a particular subverse is moderated, I would recommend checking the mod logs and forming your own opinion.


Does one mods name appear more than any others or all the others combined?

Was the mod right to delete what was deleted or was the deletion a little over zealous?

Are the sub rules even worth a shit?

  • Who doesn't put question marks at the end of questions

  • Who can put a detailed description of something they have a question about?

  • The third rule I like in essence, but is completely subjective and therefore up to the mod, which many have a problem with.