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No, those are sexes. Genders are social constructs.


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interesting way of looking it


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I don't know why the other person is getting downvoted, but they're right. Sex and gender are two different things. OP asked about gender, you answered with sex.If I have a vagina I am female in terms of sex, regardless of how I think or feel (i.e.regardless of how I identify). But if I feel like a man, and identify as a man, I am a make in terms of gender regardless of my body parts.


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I would say there are four basic genders. Male, female, both and none.

I really dislike the whole trendy gender circle jerk going around. Fluid-gender, gender-queer, gender-flexible. I think its all attention whoring.


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2, male and female


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That jibes with my cable connectors.


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I'm not trolling, I swear! I was looking up words the kids are now using that, since I'm too old to be hip or to hip to be square, they use, and I came across the idea that there are more than male and female. I don't understand. I have a penis. Help.


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Too old... yet on Voat, an unpopular unknown site? Strange...


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Three: masculine, feminine, and neuter. And while I'm at it, these apply to words, not people. In romance languages, every noun has one of these three genders. We don't use them often in English, which is why people have begun using the term incorrectly. The only words we really have with genders are pronouns, ie. "He," "She," and "It."

Of course I know you're asking about what the people mean who use the term for people, but the simple fact is that there isn't an agreed-upon usage. It's too new and hasn't settled into any kind of widely accepted definition.


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2 - male and female. Transgender people aren't a separate gender, they are people who are one gender with the physical parts most commonly associated with the opposite gender. So, there are two genders.

Anything else is pseudoscience spewed by "third wave feminism" - a collective of nasty fat ass feminists that think being a massive fat fuck is beautiful, that being a massive fat fuck is somehow "healthy", that tampons were created by men to control women (dafuq)and that genders are a social construct. This is completely wrong. Your "sex" is whats between your legs, your "gender" is whats between your ears.


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2: Man and Woman. It's a spectrum between the two choices but, at the end of the day, you only have two choices.


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isn't it just TWO? everything else is acceptance by the society for being different. I'd like to compare it to an electricity male/ female concept (after the usual plug/ socket); or in nature for optimal propagation of the species. other genders don't naturally reproduce - of course there are cases like amoeba that split by binary fission

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