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You call two locksmiths to help you open your door. The first arrives, says it will be $30. You agree. He opens the door in 10 seconds, and asks for $30. You feel cheated and refuse, so he locks the door and leaves. The second locksmith arrives, says it will be $15. You're elated, what a better deal! He spends 15 minutes destroying your lock, opens the door, and sells you a new lock for an additional $10, $25 toal. You'll have to replace all your keys, too.

According to the labor theory of value, the second locksmith is a better one.

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War reparations were causing german money to be endlessly printed and thrown into the market, making it basically worthless due to inflation, and the barter system was too inefficient to make up for this worthless currency (at least in the cities). This resulted in no one being able to work because there was no way to pay the workers; hence huge unemployment. People were willing and able to work, but there were no jobs because there was no way to pay people to work.

But then Hitler started printing his own money. This allowed him to avoid paying the war reparations (since the people could use Hitler's new currency to transact business while Hitler printed the useless currency to pay off the war debts).

Since the new currency was now stable, Hitler could print a little extra cash here and there without drastically affecting its value. The important thing, however, was not that Hitler stabilized the currency, but rather, it was what he bought with it. Rather than using it to buy stuff that was 'consumed' (such as hookers and booze like the jewish bankers would spend their money on), Hitler used it to have people build infrastructure that benefited the economy, leading to both economies of scale and economies of scope for the people.

Think of it like this: if you have $200,000, you could buy a Ferrari Sports car that lets you look cool, or your could buy a tractor that increases a hundred fold the amount of food you can produce each year. Basically, Hitler required people to buy the tractor.

Jews today tell us such a choice does not matter because it is only "consumption" that drives the economy. This is false. "Production" drives the economy, not consumption. Building a thing that lasts, and which allows us to later build things more efficiently in the future...these are the things that are needed to drive the economy. Consumption only harms the economy because something that was built can no longer be used.

And that is what made all of the difference.

You see, it wasn't the currency that mattered, it was the way that Hitler got people to buy things that they actually needed, such as paying for better roads and tractors rather than paying for prostitutes and cocaine.

He also forced Germans to make sensible purchases through government subsidies. Hitler noticed that Germany was importing lots of food, and so farms were subsidized to reduce food imports so as to make the Germans more self-sufficient. This was an alternative way to force Germans to pay for things that mattered, like corn and eggs, rather than to pay for ridiculous things, such as paying one person to dig a hole so he can have a job, and then paying the next guy to fill in the hole so the second guy can also have a job (FDR).

So, it wasn't the currency that mattered the most. It was the fact that Hitler convinced (and sometimes forced) the Germans to use common sense to make useful purchases that actually improved their lives. In a word, he forced them to act reasonable and moral, and after a while, the Germans realized just how much they enjoyed their morality and newly rediscovered traditional family values.

It should be noted here that National Socialism like this only works when the nation is populated by high IQ individuals who have the ability to value morality and traditional family values. Niggers who demand gibsmedats cannot make National Socialism function because they would demand the prostitutes and cocaine. In other words, the nogs would demand 'consumption'. This fact is the reason why the jews are currently importing low IQ blacks into white countries. (((They))) are purposely lowering the IQ so as to permanently make National Socialism nonviable in the future.

The one last thing I should mention about Hitler's currency was that by printing his own currency, it took the power away from the jewish bankers. Had the Germans decided on their own to simply use the jewish currency to buy tractors and build roads, then the jews could have still wrecked the economy by artificially raising interest rates (usury). With the currency now being controlled by Hitler and the Germans, then whether Germany rose or fell was now based upon how responsible the Germans were with their purchases, rather than having its rise or fall dictated by a few ultra rich jews. If the jews control your currency, those jews can force you into immorality by their manipulation of the interest rates (usury). But if you control your own currency, then you have the freedom to choose morality. Controlling your own currency gives you the authority to choose righteousness, but it does not give you the will to choose it. That willpower comes from your IQ, which is why the jews are destroying our IQ levels with their rapefugees.

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One more thing to note. The purchases must actually increase economies of scale or scope, or they count as 'consumption'. For instance, when building infrastructure, one could quite literally build a bridge to no where. This helps nothing and only consumes resources. Since it consumed more than it produced, this infrastructure project would count as 'consumption'.

The goal would be to build a bridge that has benefits which exceed the costs. For instance, building a bridge that allows farmers to get their goods to market at half of the cost will not only benefit those farmers, but it will benefit anyone who eats that food [since those farmers will now compete by selling their produce at lower costs; meaning that the people who eat that food can save money; meaning they will have additional money left over to reinvest on other things or to buy more food, thereby improving their livelihoods].

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Honestly the best way is to,go back to bartering and only use money to fill in gaps

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Well, I know nothing about this, but I might be able to pull it out of my ass. Set up some unskilled sweat equity service projects that benefit the community, then pay unemployed folks in Community Service Hard Labor Hour Dollars. Ask everybody else in the nation to accept the new Community Service Hard Labor Hour Dollars for as much as they feel an hour of hard labor on behalf of the community is worth, because that's what was provided to produce each and every new dollar. People think it's cool and they start using it instead of Human Slave Tax Dollars that were in use beforehand.

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I can explain like you're an intelligent adult, but not a baby.

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For now, the only thing youve done is shitpost like a baby.

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Go back to reddit if you need things explained to you as if you were only 5yo.