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Go do a search and find out. People don't use this sub because we aren't reddit. We can think for ourselves. We can look up information and come to our on conclusions.

Would you rather have someone tell you about Sanctions and be wrong about it or do you want to take the time to and look it up......

We aren't lackeys for people here. If you look it up and are confused then come back, go to /v/askvoat and post a question that is specific to what you don't understand.

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I like the idea of asking people that are part of a community I like first before reverting to using Goolag and biased Wikifagia; it gives us more of a reason to use this site over others, thus helping this site grow little by little and denying big tech their ad dough. Besides as the rules state, I "came here for an answer, don't send [me] somewhere else."

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You missed my point then. I was trying to inform that you asked in the wrong subverse, gave the right one, and just gave you heads up about how things usually go on here when asking questions. If you want a real answer then go do the research on your own, come back here if your confused still and then post in /v/askvoat .

Don't shoot the messenger.

Also, just so you know, those sites will get ad revnue no matter what we do as they use third party apps to artificially inflate their ad views. They have people in China sitting in front of hundreds of cell phones liking, reviewing and pushing the agenda.

This site doesn't need to get bigger. We have it good right now. Very few people call us out for what is posted on here. Only a few times we have made the news. We don't have a huge user base that is killing the servers and we don't have to worry about being shut down for now since we are kinda in the shadows.

If you want a site with a huge user base there are other alternatives but you will have to deal with the shit that comes with joining a site with large groups of users.