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The Indians are extorting the pipeline company. They demanded unreasonable money to build a pipeline across their land, the company said no and moved the pipeline off their land. So now they're protesting and spreading disinformation and causing trouble even though it's not on their land. Savages demanding a payday, that's all.


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I thought the Indians refused to have the pipe built in the first place because it would cause complications underground?

The Indians actually were okay if they were given a large sum of money?

(I really don't know anything, so please don't mind my stupid questions .-. )


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They say they're worried the pipeline will affect their water supply, or their burial grounds, or their horse herds, the story changes every day. In reality it won't affect any of those things, especially now that it's being built off their reservation.

IIRC there were extensive negotiations prior to the riots and protests, but they couldn't come to a deal (read: they demanded too much money).

But it's all moot now. It's off their land, they have no rights to halt construction, and Trump is pushing it forward. Natives BTFO.


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The "Prairie Niggers" (funded by Jews) are trying to stop progress.