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They took a great franchise and attempted to make it into a political statement. It shits all over the original content and leaves it feeling worse than it was.


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Exactly. Take the opening statement of "haha that goo got all over my crack" and translate it to the typical movie.

"hahaha dude i got that stuff all over my balls hahahaha"

It's toilet humor and unoriginal. I would dislike it whether it is cracks or balls.


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Even if it weren't a remake of Ghostbusters, it just looks like a terrible movie in general that's trying way too hard to be funny and diverse. If people stopped seeing shitty movies and giving these terrible directors money, maybe we'll have less shitty movies in the future. One can hope.


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Exactly. They are ruining a classic with diversity bullshit and awful actors, specifically to push a feminist message.

Even the trailer doesn't deserve any views. Deny them the clicks, its the only thing they understand.


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Its not funny at all.


[–] Gamio 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Just doesn't look fun. The jokes in the trailer don't work, the black woman who I'm sure someone somewhere finds funny only had a few stereotypical loud black "lordie lordie" type shouts. No thanks I have a tight entertainment budget and fuck all free time because of college and other commitments. I'm not going to waste money on this and I feel cheated out of the time it took to watch the trailer so I hit the dislike button.

It looks really boring and has really misconceived the original movies almost timeless appeal.


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For trying to be all PC and diverse they sure nailed that black lady stereotype full on. It's just corny second rate humor, and because it's doing this to a beloved franchise people are more upset than usual about it.


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Because of the general disrespect they're showing the original source material.

The fact that Akroyd and other people who worked on the original have been teasing us with Ghostbusters 3 since the early 2000s... and then when it finally happens... It's not a sequel, Venkman, Egon, Ray, and Winston aren't in it at all (yet they've been talking about how some of the original cast might be in it AS OTHER CHARACTERS), and the all-female main cast feels like a really shallow attempt to capture a specific demographic for no reason other than sales.


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I'm just tired of hollywood remaking movies, they're making it pretty obvious that they don't have any original ideas anymore. Seems like each year there are more and more remakes and unnecessary sequels followed by one, maybe two original films each year.