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I just post what I like. I think because EDM is a broad term this should be for everything EDM.

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I made a separate subverse to allow that in the off chance that the sub owner comes back. Its v/ElectricSounds if you're interested. Anything Electronia is fair game to share there!

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Sounds like that might be our only option since the exodus back to reddit took all the niche subverse's mods. I'm messaged the mod of /v/edm a few times and he hasn't responded.

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Idk, I've gotten away w/ Shpongle, so I'd say you're pretty safe.

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I've got a lot of variety that I wouldn't put in the Dance Music category, but would love to share. If y'all are interested, I'll be happy to post. And since our Mod is AWOL I guess the community gets to choose what is and isn't suitable for this sub.