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Translation: This movie is bombing at the box office. Please go buy tickets. Oy vey!


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https://archive.fo/g63fn :

‘Black Panther’ Slays Hollywood Bias With Broad Ticket Appeal - Bloomberg

'Still, “Black Panther” should be a much-needed shot in the arm for theaters, which saw attendance fall to a 25-year low in 2017. '

'Tyler Perry, the comedian and entrepreneur whose studio in Atlanta was used for “Black Panther” filming, said he’s long thought Hollywood was leaving a lot of money on the table by not creating more content for black audiences. '

'If “Wonder Woman” proved filmgoers of all ages and genders would go see a female super hero flick, “Black Panther” is poised to do the same with an African-American protagonist in a supersuit. '

'Leawood residents are 90.1 percent white and 1.2 percent black.“The most exciting part about the sales we have on ‘Black Panther’ right now is that they are big and they are broad,” Frank said. '

'While “Black Panther” first appeared in U.S. comic books in 1966, he is less known overseas, where lack of familiarity can subdue demand in countries like China, which has become a critical market for Hollywood. '

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