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Dude was a fucking boss. Fuck the detractors. I had to double check the title of your post. I'd go out of my way to eat there after seeing that trouncing.


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He was right though. Even about the water with lemon


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For a great read, check out the whitemoosecafe's twitter and facebook page. A great no bullshit cafe.

https://twitter.com/whitemoosecafe archive twitter: http://archive.is/6hevx

https://www.facebook.com/WhiteMooseCafe/ archive facebook: http://archive.is/8mywV


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Hahah, good stuff. The sad thing is that people get butt hurt about shit like this all the time. I recently went to a sushi place with some people were we were charged a %16 gratuity on our bill (it flat out stated on the menu that it would be charged for parties larger than 6 people). OMG the level of butt hurt that ensued was downright bat shit crazy. It was fucking $12 for a waitress who had to fetch food and drinks for 7 people for almost 2 hours. Fucking basket of deplorables.