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California couple falls in love and adopts a sad dog from a Los Angeles | Daily Mail Online

'While Benji struggled at first to warm up to his new owners, the couple started noticing some mood changes. ', "A flea allergy caused him to lose much of his fur and the shelter staff weren't very open to the idea of allowing the three to spend time together.", "The saddest dog at a local adoption center in California has finally found a home after a Sacramento couple went against staff's recommendation to find a more friendly pooch."

'Even though Jared was open to the idea, he asked her if she could wait until her birthday in November. ', "The dog-loving couple thought otherwise and signed the required adoption papers, making Benji an official member of their family against the shelter's advice."

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A fucking mutt in a commiefornia makes news in the UK? Not the rape gangs, or jihadist gutting the countries heritage...

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We all need a break from news about Muslim rape gangs from time to time.... ;-)

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Because that is hidden and excused.

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Yeah that was my thought too....

  1. How is this news (and not a blog post)?

  2. Why is this news (and not a blog post)?

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These are just poor misunderstood people with sexual emergencies, like John Podesta whenever he is around an attractive child.

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You think they are heroes? I know plenty of people who would drive 6 hours to bring back White Castle.

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Now that, right there, is funny!