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if you see east indians, they do it for views, where $5 bucks goes a long way and dogs are of no concern...stop encouraging these fuckers.

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I remember those "road to recovery" dog-rescue photo albums on Reddit back in the day. With a nice funding channel for the animal charity in some Indian or South American shithole. It became too easy to reverse the the timeline of the photos in my mind after a while.

99.99% sure they were finding reasonably healthy street dogs and slowly starving them to near death, then staging the "rescue" scenario.

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you think they threw the dog down the well then saved him/her to create an online viral youtube/facebook video or something?

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yes, it's been known for a while. They do it with all types of animals, they put the animal in a situation and save it or let it die and get views. It's sick. I'm sure it's not only east indians either.

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do some research on this video. I won't hold your hand and I don't know anything myself, but just give it a shot.

Here you go this is my two cents you terrified sheep

I'd bet this video was faked. But it's the internet who gives a flying fuck. What are the odds that a dog is so fucking dumb that it would throw itself 30 feet into a well with no way to get out? How many dogs do you know are dumb enough to do that? Also why wasn't it barking? Wouldn't it bark to let people know it was in there? How'd they find this dog if it wasn't barking? Is this a spot where people go to get water? Would this be a crew that wants funding and would stage something for awareness? Are false flags not something that happens? DUHHHHHH

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Yes. I was in India and these cunts are fully aware we are gullible idiots. Indians don't give a fuck about people much less dogs.

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The dog seems to be in disbelief that a bunch of "Mexicans" saved him

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It’s funny how we fight so hard to not die but still die regardless. It doesn’t matter how fun this life is if you die and those memories are lost. What’s the point

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I don't care if I die, I care that my offspring outlive other, weaker people.

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because your descendants will remember them, and you live for them.

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Of course this comment is top. Voat, the place of nightmares. LOLOLOLOLOL

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Was going to reply to @Yoimamsofat, to reinforce his message but replied to you so you could see it. The book of Proverbs is all about this. "Vanity of vanities; all is vanity". Where I differ from this user is that I'm not going to say that I have the answer or that I know where the truth can be found. It's a journey v. destination thing; you have to figure it out on your own.

I want to help you. I have knowledge that I want to share with you, but I can't. It's non-transferable. Long story short, I 'peeked behind the veil' and saw something I shouldn't. Something that I desperately want to share, but can't bring into this world. Something that would fix everything. Something that only God could comprehend fully. I probably shouldn't have made this comment, or gone on this tangent but...I'm in a mood.

Just...take care of the little things, okay? Take care of the little things and the big things will sort themselves out. I hope I helped.

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I LOVE dogs, except for the ones that niggers like (vicious). Indicitive huh? Even dogs helping us to properly DEFINE niggers as savage animals. Who ONLY respect violent domination.

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There are no dangerous breeds. Only breeds that niggers own.

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You are correct. I knew a Pit Bull once (I used to ride a Harley). I had to give him a shot of pennicillon in his rear flank (after a fight his owner got him into, and he got sick...infection..lethargic..sad boy...etc) cause his owners were too scared, and didn't mind if he killed me. The dog TRUSTED me. Gaved him the shot with no troublex. We had a FINE relationship, he went totally MENTAL whenever I showed up at this dudes house. We used to spar (boxing) and the dog LOVED me slapping him around while he tried to bite me! Anyway, he was MASSIVELY strong and TOUGH for a dog (taking all dogs into account).