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A universal constant in my life is always owning a dog. I can't see myself without having one. The doggo I have now is the best one I have ever had. Heinz 57 that we rescued as a puppy, well she was a few months old when we got her.

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Indeed. Dogs are the best.

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Good bois

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Dog's are guaranteed broken hearts. Dog's and babies love me on first sight. Always have my entire life (they bite my sister who tried to murder me as an infant,and now no longer speaks to me, since she got cut out of mom's will for screwing over mom (100% her fault), and I wouldn't NOT file the will, so she got 1 half (a crime), screwing over the other beneficiaries)....Anyway, they tell me that means I have a basically GOOD soul.

You can tell those dogs have GOOD souled master. They look SO happy and comfortable just goofing around with him/her/them. You you also KNOW the person taking the picture is NOT a nigger or feminist.