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Honestly those poor things in field use are just bomb sniffers and living mine detectors.

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They should use them against insurgents. Afghanistan is full of starving to death stray dogs with nothing to do and infantry gets killed constantly by a guy hiding behind a door while room clearing. Just tell everyone in the building to get out or die and then send in a pack of cheap strays that'll bark at anyone still in there. No more surprises.

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Insurgents would just use them as cheap alarm systems. They were actually well fed but the breeds in that part of the world look really skinny like greyhounds. The dogs were trained to bark at white people or anyone sneaking, some of the SF guys would go through an area dressed like locals to try to get rid of the dogs with mixed success.

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You know that sounds like a plan in theory, the reality is a JDAM and off to the next building.

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They got a strong ears

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...thats not his attack dog. It's his peanutbutter dog.

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Never hurts to carry some meat for the trail, even if it's just dog meat.

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Those dogs better be fully semi automatic or else those guys are fucked.

I mean, unless those guns shoot mind bullets, because they aren't shooting regular bullets.

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How does their hearing not get damaged?

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Am I the only one who finds it odd to have a dog head getting in the way of the side arm?

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You know you’re a badass when you carried around and your Hooman tho is it’s cool!