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Refugees try to remind locals that most of them have escaped from war zones...

Yet they go back to those war zones for vacation!

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They are the war zone. Everywhere they go becomes a war zone because of them.

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When mass graves with immigrants, mosque are razed to the ground and the ground turned with pigs blood. Then I will start thinking better of Sweden.

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I’ll have to see some crucified feminists.

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No they're not.

I'll believe it when Sweden is as white as Iceland.

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Swedes are saying enough? Its a little late isn't it?

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How are they supposed to take back the no go zones? Being cucked is probably a requirement on the law enforcement exam over there.

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Too late you bunch of pansy ass beta cucks. You will be forever the example of why you can't chop your balls off and hand them to the feminists to run a country. Inviting in some of the dumbest and most violent people in the world has very obvious consequences that were clear as day to.anyone with half a brain. The Swedish genes will die out because they were weak.

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I don;t believe the Swedes will ever say to being murdered raped and robbed by their own government.

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hopefully vikings release their testosterone and roar....time to put bitches and illegals in their place to regain respect ...

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