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Well, I mean, I've written a fair amount about the things I like about him on my blog, but I know you won't read that.

Equally, it's probably worth pointing out that the alternate accounts you suggested I'd made - presumably you're referring to /u/stacylgage and /u/jambo, who are the only people here who specifically mentioned grievances with Moffat - have both been on voat far longer than I have. So essentially you're suggesting that I've put in rather a lot of effort to cover my tracks - maintaining alternate accounts for 5 months, posting with them regularly, developing fictional users with their own personalities, interests, and typing styles - before then creating a new user, wherein I can share my own original content, and use these alternate accounts to engage in discussion - with each other, crucially, not my /u/thoughts-from-alex account - wherein they put forward views that I have publicly disagreed with on my blog.

So does that make sense to you, or...?