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I'm presently watching Doctor Who. And by that, I mean I'm watching all of Dr. Who from the very first episode to the last episode. Presently, I'm working my way through Season 8 of the new series. The intrusion of political correctness is becoming almost too annoying to endure. All of a sudden lesbians begin to pop up. Then there is the gay action hero who I believe got his own series. And the black-white relationships -- suddenly all the white female companions are lusting for that good ol' nigger cock. And the feminist messages we are supposed to simply accept without wincing at their absurdity appear more and more often as the series progresses. I'm really having a hard time watching, and it gets harder with each successive season. Someone needs to inform the cucks and dykes at the BBC that not everyone believes the same liberal, leftist tripe that they believe.


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I used to delay holidays to see the Doctor Who episodes live. The last series I recorded it but didn't bother to see the all. The next series I even won't bother to record them.