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Did.... did Danny Boyle just show us he is our guy and maybe just tell Eon to go fuck themselves for maybe kinda sorta writing a script around maybe Idris Elba? Dont get me wrong i actually like the guy and happily watch his stuff, he would make a great james bond if you could legit retcon james bond into a black guy. but you cant. so its an automatic fail.


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https://archive.fo/nnHyM :

Danny Boyle quit James Bond 'due to plans to kill him off and have him regenerate like Doctor Who' | Daily Mail Online

"He sensationally abandoned the James Bond 25 project last week over 'creative differences'.", "The 'regeneration' concept is something that takes place every few seasons of Doctor Who, with the forthcoming latest season breaking new ground by casting the first female Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker."

'Sources told The Hollywood Reporter the movie will not hits its original release date, and could be pushed back until the following year. '

'The death of M was another bold move in the franchise, perhaps paving the way for Bond himself to die. ', "The North American release date for the upcoming James Bond movie - tentatively slated for November 8, 2019 - remains up in the air following Boyle's exodus from the project over creative differences earlier this week."

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