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The more you pay people not to work, the less they will work. The less they work, the less they produce. The less they produce, they less you can tax. The less you can tax, the less you can pay people not to work. The less you pay people not to work, the less they consume. The less they consume, the less you can tax.

Not only would UBI inflate the currency so that people can roughly buy what they can now, but even if you spent every dollar the government collects on UBI, you'd be $500B short, and that's before the drop in productivity as your John Galts flee the country.

If you want to solve civil unrest, just shoot rioters. Give people the right to sovereignty on their own property. The West used to execute the bottom 1% of its population every year. These people aren't children we're obliged to coddle, they're people who cost more in one year than they produce in a lifetime. Expand the death penalty, offer compensation for sterilization, watch society bloom.

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fuck taxes tho, our lives shouldnt be measured in how much tax revenue we produce for the government.

The whole point is with the rise in automation there is not going to be any work for people to do, ultimately we will need a decrease in population then, but decrease in population or not, life as we know it is going to be completely transformed as a result of automation. Interesting idea about the death penalty though, those life long prisoners really are a complete drain on resources, not only that its created the prison industrial complex which needs to be disbanded. Also i really like the idea of compensation for sterilization. If we could return to eugenics in general our society would extremely benefit thats for sure.

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Without taxes there is no ubi.

Try instead pushing for things that lower the cost of necessities. Streamline the tax code, eliminate welfare foreign and domestic, stop paying for the UN, reduce regulation and monopolies. Housing cost is a major issue, rent seeking should be highly penalized. If you aren't using land sell it don't sit on it driving up the cost for everyone.