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Europhobic. But even if we come up with the best words ever made, we do hve billions to spend on propaganda to promote it.

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"Collectivist bigot". Anti-white people engage in collectivist thought, meaning grouping people together by their shared external attributes and acting utterly intolerant to individuals based on the perceived faults of the whole. It works as a general umbrella term for any of the "isms" you mentioned, and it doesn't have any connotations directly associated with one particular group that might taint the way people feel when they hear it. And the best part: you can use it to condemn people who typically get called "racist", "sexist", etc., because they all unfairly blame people for things done by people who share some of the same features, which gives you the moral high ground allowing you to point out the blatant hypocrisy of anti-whites and effectively condemn them for the same crime.

Or something like "Anglophobe" if you want to play their linguistic game.

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Anglophobe makes the most sense. Lots of the other terms are too exotic or trying to be hip.

I’ve heard this before though ... so thus another reason to use it.

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It's already in use and refers specifically to England

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As a nod to People of Light, we could appropriate:


is the fear of the sun, sunlight, or any bright light.

Since sufferers stay indoors more than non-sufferers, it will make them more prone to becoming vitamin D deficient, as well as depression caused by a combination of vitamin D deficiency, isolation and feelings of alienation from other people, and a continuously dark environment.

The symptoms of heliophobia depends on the person. Mild sufferers may feel uncomfortable, shaky, nauseated, or numb. Severe sufferers may feel anxious or suffer panic attacks. Other symptoms include heightened senses, lack of focus, feeling trapped, irregular heartbeat, air hunger, rapid breathing, parched mouth, sweating, muscle cramps, and physical discomfort that is not actually caused by bodily injury, but is a physical manifestation of the panic and fear that the heliophobic person experiences when exposed to light.

Heliophobia was considered a "telltale sign" of stereotypical vampires and other fantasy creatures such as ghosts, orcs, etc.

There was a short-lived magazine Heliophobe (three issues, 1994–1996), described as "a not-so-sexual fetish magazine exclusively devoted to pale-skinned women".

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A term for the abuse we whites receive that simultaneously implies superiority. I kinda like it

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Melanist? Something about melanin/skin tone

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This one is my favorite.

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Well light sensitivity or aversion is photophobia, from the Greek

So white sensitivity or aversion should be leukophobia / lefkophobia.

"Old Greek word (but still in use ) for white is ''lefko'' or ''leuko'', as in ''leukemia'', which means ''white blood''."

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We need to stop collectively referring to ourselves as white altogether. I prefer Indigenous European or Person of Indigenous European Descent.

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Thanks for your input

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Stop trying to use leftist tactics. They don't work against lefties. Call them racist against whites and they beam with pride. Call them pedophiles and they'll respond that they're proud comedians.

That said, exposing them before they can respond is the best method I've found; making them play catch up when they've already been proven to be the villain has been very successful.

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Thanks for your feedback

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I'll stick with niggerfaggot

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