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“We’ve seen a lot of these tablets coming in lately.” - Pawn Shop Owner


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I wonder if they can get a replacement if theirs is stolen?


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https://archive.fo/g7FOz :

Baltimore public housing residents given tablets, Internet connection under initiative to connect more online - The Washington Post

'EveryoneOn is working with public housing authorities to connect people to low-cost home Internet service, affordable computers and tablets. '

'Under the initiative, the housing authority selected 500 residents who are enrolled in a various self-sufficiency programs to receive the devices. '

'Oliver-Keyser said the housing authority chose tablets, instead of laptops, because that is what T-Mobile offered. '

'The housing authority might give away more tablets if the current batch improves the success of its workforce development and self-sufficiency programs, Oliver-Keyser said. '

'The effort builds on an earlier initiative to get more residents Internet access by promoting plans available to low-income families for about $10 a month, Oliver-Keyser said. '

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Hopefully the videos on those tablets only record in wide screen format, that way when they upload to Worldstar, at least one will have a chance at seeing what is going on amongst the jerky camera work.