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DV'd for huffpo


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No problem, it's a free country.

Honestly, I've been having issues getting a CGM system covered by my health insurance company. I've googled tips for how to get the prior authorization approved, but I can see now that it's going to be a fight.


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https://archive.fo/gwef7 :

How Health Insurance Companies Punish Patients | HuffPost

'Increasingly health insurance companies are deciding what medicine we get regardless of what our doctors prescribe. ', "Complications that will cost health insurance companies significantly more money than they're unwilling to spend now."

'My friend and I said the same thing the other day, "Insurance companies are running health care. '

'Health insurance companies restricting medicine, devices and procedures is not new. '

'The CEO of Aetna, the third largest US health insurance company, was compensated $30.7 million in 2013. '

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