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I love this song, the sound, the feel the vibe. I just don't prescribe to the whole Queen of heaven Mary thing that is...

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I've come to understand it as the ideal archetype for women. Girls should strive to be mary-like (impossible due to virgin birth) but aim high and you will be rewarded is the takeaway.

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Indeed a maid servant that is willing to submit to her Lord as he is in the LORD so that he can wash her clean with the WORD so she may come forth without spot or blemish.

My idealism spills over into a dark dreary world Sir... She is a good role model indeed but not to be worshipped.

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It is beautiful in its own way.

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Indeed :)

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=_uj8h4SCsnE :

Salve Regina: A Templar Chant (Lyric Video) - YouTube

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