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Good ... the whole lawsuit was stupid ... the individual who did the shooting is the only responsible entity ... the makers of the tools he used are not liable for how they were used.

Hopefully this will be a lesson on those looking for a pay-day or are pursuing some SJW agenda


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The guy's mother is also at fault. She bought guns with a mentally ill kid in the house, and didn't keep them locked up. It's like keeping a nailgun on your coffee table in your living room with a three year old while it's hooked up to an air compressor.


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Though I find the basis for the lawsuit ridiculous, it's unfortunate that the family has lost so much and then loses even more. I do disagree with such a wide shield law for industry as well.


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Without the shield law there would be no industry .. it would have been litigated into extinction


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I really have to blame their lawyers for trying such a dumb move. The poor families were taken advantage of in a time of distress.


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They should sue the theater. It was a gun free zone and they did not do anything other than have a sign.


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“It is certainly odd and unique,” he said. “There are very few, if any, other industries that have this sort of blanket shield.”

Hmm whats some other giant two ton machine that people are killed by everyday, what could it possibly be I wonder?

Whens the last time someone sued coors or chevy for drunk driving? Oh right, that would be ridiculous.