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I'm going to need that full video

For science


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Alright you faggots, you have gone too fucking far this time! You got shoad from reddit, you came here as refugees and then decided to stick your thumb in the eye of your host country.

Fuck You! This is the 1st Lady of the United States and she is universally revered as a Goddess on this site, take this shit back to your home cause nobody here wants to see it.

You Have To Go Back!


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Is this how your brain usually functions?


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Fuck off shit stick. Go find some other website to fuck up... oh wait... you can't. This is literally the last place on the internet where you can have your fucked up sub and when you finally get here you piss of the natives.

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, leave Melania out of it; otherwise you will see how vindictive and nasty goats can be.


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I drink your milkshake, and I fap to your 1st Lady.


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Make sure that you spill a little bit of jizz into your own mouth, that way you can taste what others never will.


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Lol you people are either Russian trolls or truly, truly retarded. Fucking pathetic. Trump could literally enter your homes and molest your daughters and you'd still suck his dick.


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You are a truly vulgar person. I realize that you will take that as a compliment but it wasn't intended as one.