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2016 going for a sprint at the end.


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https://archive.is/swJei :

Hairspray's John Waters lands in hospital following bout with kidney stones | Daily Mail Online

"The 70-year-old filmmaker of acclaimed classics such as Pink Flamingos, Cry-Baby and Hairspray landed in a hospital Friday after suffering from kidney stones, Baltimore Fishbowl reports, causing him to miss his annual Yuletide bash. 'I am fine and home today,' he told the outlet Tuesday.", " There’s nothing you can do about it. '", "JW. 'One guest at the annual bash told the outlet: 'It was a very weird Friday evening - a John Waters party without John. 'There was some chatter relating Waters' hospitalization to the unrelenting rash of 2016 celebrity deaths at the bash - which was held two days before the death of singer George Michael, and four before actress Carrie Fisher's Tuesday passing."

'You can’t change it. ', "Asked about his absence at the affair - a Charm City tradition of nearly five decades - Waters joked in an email

'It’s a new concept in home entertainment - the host doesn’t show up. 'He added

'Since my party has always been private and off the record I think I’ll just keep it that way ... all is well."

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