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Starting process on the beginning of another lower. Drill the pilot holes for the trigger pocket.


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There is just something special about my ar with no numbers.


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Here is where im at on 80% lowers. Buy the lower, tools, etc to make. Is way more expensive than a $50 anderson lower already made. My state has no registration, so the only paper trail is the form at the gun store.

However I still want to do a 80% just to do it.


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Ok here is what I learned about that cheap Anderson lower.

  1. Initial cost is anywhere from 35 to 50 bucks

  2. Shipping is around 15 and sometime it is free, but that is rare.

  3. Finding a FFL to xfer it too is easy, but their pricing is fucked. Sometimes they are reasonable where you buy one get one, but with the way shit is now it is another 35 to 50 each on top of the cost of the lower an shipping.

Now with and 80%

You have to make the decision upon polymer or aluminum.....then if aluminum forged or billet. Pricing is 30 to 50 each, and then sometimes more. Just depends really if you want to look hard.

Then the jig. This is the most trying part because jigs are really varied in price. I have two because pilot holes are easier with one and then the other and end mill them same. So you need to find your way.

Drill press is easy. Wen makes a great one and that is what I use. Plus you need a press vice. They are cheap. But I can promise you drilng your own is better. Cheaper in the long run as well.

I have some shit to do, but I will do a more detailed if you want on my set up


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I walked out the door with my Anderson lower for $50. Then again this is AZ and we have AR only stores.

Thanks for the info. Like I said I would love to make it myself. Looking at Glock 80% lowers. Kinda want to do a 1911 80% too.