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Here is the build Album.

Essentially I set out to build a .22 from an Airsoft Gun. I bought a KWC 1911 and a GSG 1911 Slide Kit on Cyber Monday. I didn't start working on it until probably March. I knew that the Airsoft gun would lack an ejector so I selected a kit that had an integral ejector and began this strip down the rabbithole.

I had to take quite a bit of material out of the frame, mostly within the Dust Cover and off of the Rails. These appear to be intentionally built to thwart attempts to build a gun on them. I used files, sandpaper, a hacksaw, and a corded drill to do the work.

Once I had the slide fitted I had to tackle the fire control group. I gutted the airsoft components and fabricated shims to replace some of them. I also had to solder a frame section in that no longer needed to be removable and I used threadlocker on the unnecessary screw that used to secure that part. In hindsight I could have used the threadlocker or the solder and did not need both. The disconnector was made to work with the airsoft slide. I cut a piece off with a hacksaw so it would function as a disconnector without interfering with the new slide.

At this point I attempted to fire the firearm and got a light strike.

My first attempt to solve this problem was a hardware store spring. After a trip to Ace I tried to fire the pistol again.

Light stike #2

I bought a Wilson Combat 19lb 1911 mainspring from Midway USA. I installed the new spring and attempted to cock the pistol. Cocking the pistol was now impossible. After disassembly and inspection I discovered that the KWC Airsoft mainspring housing uses a spring guide in a different orientation than a real 1911 resulting in a shorter length. I took a break and decided to attempt replacing the thick mainspring plug with an allenhead cap screw. The steel cap screw head was smaller than the mainspring plug and the allen recess readily accepted the hammer strut. The pistol non cocked.

The video link is from my third attempt BUT first successful range trip. I fired fifty rounds and the pistol did jam a bit but performed pretty well. Certainly no more light strikes. The pistol did not like the grease and performed much better after I put some simple Remington Oil on it. Inspection shows no damage to the pistol. I'm going to clean up my work a little and continue to shoot this rather enjoyable .22lr Pistol.

  • Cap Screw $.65

  • Wilson Combat 19 lb Mainspring $2.99 Midway USA

  • KWC Airsoft 1911 Cyber Monday Sale $80

  • GSG 1911 .22lr Kit Cyber Monday From PSA $119.99

Thanks for Reading.