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Pretty cool

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Quite a clever concept. FWIW, I use a Lenovo Yoga and keep the keyboard folded back in order to keep the keyboard from taking up space when "docked." Not as elegant, but gets the job done (and lets me use the laptop monitor).

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Meh. Better to take that same e-series docking station they showed (and incorrectly called a port replicator), use the built-in mounting holes, and put it at a slight outward angle. It will do all that and far more (those things have significant extra functionality, over an extended PCI-E bus), while holding it more securely, having a positive release mechanism, and a locking mechanism.

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=tGX34631pdk :

DIY wall-mounted LAPTOP DOCK (neat, tidy, elegant) - YouTube

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