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It looks like a good way to get hurt.... or maybe even die.


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Imagine the scene. Guy pull the ropes, loses equilibrium and fall over his back, while the car starts and the force used to pull the rope makes the car fall from the jack. The car runs some feet before dying, just enough to stop over the guy's chest and he slowly dies without air.

Edit: Also, "share with your friends to see the video".


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The hard way to pop start a car...Leave the jack in the car. Leave the rope at home for when you need to jerk off.

Turn the key to run

Get your stupid ass out and start pushing.

Once you get sufficient momentum going, hop in

Press the clutch in

Put into gear

let the clutch out.


You may have to try a few times if your battery is really dead.


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I imagine automatics are hard if not impossible to start this way since you can't shift out of PEL until you press the brake.