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Yep. This is what we call editorial news.

I could write the exact opposite piece about how innocent white man violently attacked outside a convenience store by black man with long arrest record. (I dont know he had an arrest record but Someone that attacks a random stranger in a parking lot probably does).

But THIS is the fantastic thing about states. New York is free to make every fool that lives there a victim with no legal recourse to protect their lives and property. While Florida is free to allow its citizens to stop a life threatening criminal in his tracks. Florida’s way also has the measurable benefit of saving the state $5,000,000 or more prosecuting and imprisoning this “gud boy dun nuffin wrong”.

Cleaning the gene pool one savage at a time.


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YEP. If you read the source article he had a history of battery and drug possession. A model citizen.


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“I minded my own business … I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Let us count the ways.

  1. parked in a handicapped spot
  2. lied about parking lot being 'full' when there were other open spots
  3. refused to move when your violation was pointed out
  4. argued with the man who called you out on your behavior
  5. probably shouted loud enough for the ape to mistakenly assume you were being attacked

Yeah sure, "didn't do anything wrong". The Dindu is strong with you.


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Good. One way or another niggers are going to learn not to assault people everytime they have some feeleings about something.


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Thank you. Heard about this from another post here, hadn't seen the video.

IMO this can be spun in all sorts of different directions, and might wind up weakening or killing the "stand your ground" law. In the video, after the man was pushed to the ground, his assailant did not continue to attack. In fact, he withdrew some as the pistol was pulled. He was trapped with the car at his back and couldn't quickly withdraw further.

From the perspective of the shooter, his assailant didn't back up much and was still looming, and could still quickly attack, so I can understand his pulling the trigger. This won't prevent a lot of second-guessing and public lamentation and screams of racism from flying around. The man's backing up a foot or so could be cited as a "retreat" thereby disqualifying the "stand your ground" defense. This could easily be whipped up into another excuse for rioting.

The man who is now dead was definitely guilty of assault. A "death sentence" for simple assault seems harsh, but I think that's the price that needs to be paid to make for civil society.


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people used to duel over this shit. but that was before respectless apes made up such large percentages of the population.


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If this descent hardworking good hearted black victim father of three had not committed a physical assault, he would not have been shot by that evil oppressor white man. The editorial spin on this makes me dizzy. Also, are far as minimizing simple assault, a full grown man can kill with a punch to the head.


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His decision to pull his firearm was made the instant his mind came back online after getting blindsided. If someone blindsided you why would you assume they wouldn't continue the assault? I believe if he had full on bolted the other way he probably would not have shot.

Did you see the baby's mama interview? Fake tears.


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I saw, and I think she had a very complex state of mind... "If I hadn't parked in a handicapped zone my man wouldn't be dead", "my man defended me and died because of it, so it's my fault", "whitey killed my man, it's always white people", "if it's a white man's fault my man is dead then it's not my fault"...


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A "death sentence" for simple assault seems harsh

How do we know it would have stopped with a push to the ground? How many times have we seen the shove followed up with kicks to the head fracturing the victim's skull? We should disregard our benefit of hindsight as we review the video calmly over our morning coffee and instead consider what was the reasonable fear of harm for the man lying on the ground at the time.

Should an assault victim be required to withhold force until still greater harm is a certainty? Should a victim place his person in danger of serious bodily harm or death for the benefit of the aggressor? No, not ever. The risks of harm should always fall upon the aggressor.


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1) Black couple parks illegaly in handicapped spot.

2) White individual has a problem with this.

3) Argument ensues.

4) Blacks violently attack white man.

5) White man protects himself with a fire arm.


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one nigger made good


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Of course the apes first reaction is to get violent


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... dindu nuffin wrong.

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