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No, Dragonball Super takes place after the defeat of Majin Buu but before the last episode of Dragonball Z. Or if you read the Manga in between the last two chapters.

But there are events in Super that essentially remove Dragonball GT. If you want to catch up quickly. I'd suggest watching Battle of Gods, and Resection 'f' two DBZ movies that came out. Both have been adapted in this series as the first two story arcs. But you'll get the gist of what happens much quicker.


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Wow I was expecting this to really drag on. We got two matches in this episode. I hope the pacing stays nice.

Wasn't expecting that ending though with Frost and Goku. Not sure what happened there. Was it a technique? A drug? Anyways something had to happen so it wasn't just Goku the entire tournament.