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Hey! I appreciate the guide!!

I have a quick question for you though. I've been testing out the CSS on my subverse and trying to figure out what goes where and such.

Question is: Do you know which CSS tag controls the container/content or whatever It's called to customize the front page of your subverse.

I can change the background of the "body", which it's like adding a wallpaper to your desktop, it covers the background. However, the entire box that consists of all the different links to each discussion and the sidebar which has the links of "Start a Discussion" or "Share a Link", and where the subscribe button is and all the suberse's details. Those 2 seem to be contained in the same box that covers the entirety of the background wallpaper I would set up.

What I wanted to do was set it to where all that stuff. The various links to articles/discussions, the comments button, upvote/downvate arrows, and search bar, and starting new discussions is all there at 100% Opacity, but it's entire background is lowered in Opacity/Transparency, say to like 0.4, or 40%, whichever CSS code I have to use to do that. So that way, the box/container is see-through into the wallpaper in the back, but all the writing/links are still 100% visible.

If you can help me out here that'd be awesome! I can't figure it out :(


[–] Nurdoidz [S] 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

It's actually pretty simple (you said the name of the element in your question):

#container {
    background: hsla( 0,0%,100%,0.4 );

Adjust the 0.4 to whatever opacity you'd like. If you'd like to adjust anything else about the big, white container, #container is the tag for you.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Possibly even create a separate thread topic in this sub in case others have the same question (for more coverage). :-)


[–] Soulless-End 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Oh I see, you're suppose to use the "#" sign in front of it!!! ahaha.

Thank you so much! If I have anymore questions I'll just make a new thread.