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Unfortunately not, but the majority of them are help requests, so what doesn't fall into that category, we can then manually flair. optionally we could implement a tagging system or even flair based by the content in the title (eg. please help) to reduce the amount of posts that need to be flaired. Of course, it would increase the size of the CSS doc and wouldn't cover everything, but it's just a thought.

Are users able to set flair with some subverse option, or is mods only a sitewide thing?

Ah, I remember when we didn't even have flair. I wrote a "post tagging" CSS solution for [a NSFW sub] but it requires users tagging right in the title. Then people with q's can ask questions, either through tagging their own posts and mods flairing everything else, or other people tagging and they automatically get the unresolved flair.

Another solution would be to recreate our current flair system but that's kinda taking it a little bit far for something so simple. Still if this is considered, look at /r/polandballarena – you tag posts with whats relevant, and flairs are purely for resolved/unresolved – although PBA serves a different purpose to /v/customizingvoat.

Edit: unrelated but you should update the FAQ with the good news about separating lights from darks!


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Just saw this, I’m in favour of marking all new posts with CSS so we don’t have to tag everything as unresolved.

If “Unresolved” doesn’t account for everything how about simply “New”?


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That sounds good. What do you think @Shiny? Ofc it's all up to big boss @Nurdoidz