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And vice versa? How many female prisoners are rapped by their male guards?

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Given the regular instances of female corrections officers falling in love with male felons surely a case has been made for keeping the sexes apart?

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If male felons are housed separately from female felons, I don't see why they should be kept away from female prison guards for exactly the same reasons.

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Well if you put a male guard in a female facility. You would destroy the Queef contest.

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It would be smart to keep the female prison guards away from the male inmates. Idk how many times a female gaurd has to get seduced and tricked into doing something for the inmate before we just take that possibility out of the equation. And it’s not that females are incapable of watching over male inmates it is just that some are not as dedicated to their job as a correctional officer and are willing to break the rules for some praise and attention.

This is not a thing against women being able to do the job there are bad correctional officers male and female. It just seems like taking this element out of the equation would be the smart thing to do.

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Agree ( It just seems like taking this element out of the equation would be the smart thing to do).

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I think the female guards are in the male facility because they choose to be mostly. You can't tell me that they don't like their job..

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I would go further and say that they shouldn’t be cops or soldiers, either. We’ve indulged this ludicrous notion of “there’s no difference between men and women” for long enough; it’s a lie. Not only that, but the presence of females can undo necessary bonds between men that are vital in their job scenarios. I think it’s time to quit giving a shit about what hurts peoples’ feelings and pursue courses of action that work.

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I agree with you about the difference between men and women! We have our own strengths. However we do not seem to of realised that men and women working together brings balance to everything! The male and female energy when working in harmony is awesome!

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My heart and feelings are for women; my brains and my balls are for business. That’s the only harmony there is.