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Ah, the "facts are a social construct" argument that makes perfect sense when stoned/drunk out of one's mind.

Golf clap for the obvious inebriation.

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Yeah it was wonderful at the time until I took a look at it the next day and asked myself "what the fuck?" Haha

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Without absolute truth, there would be no justice.

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Is truth created or discovered?

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Neither; revealed.

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truth, if it exists, can only be so if it is objective, and not relative to each knower. Declaring there is no such thing as truth or objective reality is a favorite ploy of those who realize on some level that objective truth would ground an objective morality.

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I would have thought its outdated as most people don't believe in god. If they want to lie, no oath will stop that.

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Actually a majority still does believe in God, but many have not taken the time to think through what that means.

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Yes, in an era of information war, they are.
Neural imaging and pathway mapping of conscious and subconscious responses would carry much more validity. Fluffy ideas of moral and factual relativity might still be useful - for group hugs.