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That is very interesting thank you for your thoughts.. I do agree with the H.

Man made global warming up! lol?! No..We are not actually treating our beautiful earth as well as we should be! There are so many ways we are cleaning up our act but way more to go. Your statistics probably are bang on, but I see loads that show we are not respecting our living earth.

How do we measure real intelligence,? I would say a kind man who cannot read is more intelligent than a hateful man with an IQ of 1000!!!!

We do seem to be going backwards but it isn't really... we are more aware of our feelings which brings us to our heart. God dwells in everyhing as God IS..we forget that We ARE! We connect directly to God through our hearts. No need for any outside anything. It is within us ALL. The pineal is vital for us to complete our circuit ..many are unable at this time but that will change as that knowledge is spreading. The Bible is also about us and our bodies. Symbols, churches etc are reflections of us and our solar system. It is truly mind boggling .