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Hate speech is fake. It is a way to get people to argue over stuff that doesn't matter so real control can happen.

Another purpose of hate speech is to control speech which leads to controlling thought and ideas.

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It's about controlling you and me.

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FIRST: define what a "hate speech" is. Then we can discuss about.

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Good point. "Hate speech" is a psychological bullying tactic. It is not a real thing.

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I absolutely agree with you. Too often society defines hate as a dissenting opinion, which is certainly not hate.

Result: People are protected from needing to properly defend their position.

Result: There is less variance in viewpoints expressed and society at large will form singular unchallenged opinions without applying critical thinking.

Result: People will readily adopt fallacies and unfounded positions that weaken society due to the inherent errors contained therein.

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So let's see: if I say I hate fat people and I find them disgusting, is that a hate speech? Or am I stating my personal point of view about fat people? Am I entitled to feel disgust about someone or something? Or should I be always Mr. NiceGuy at any costs? This is a small scale example...

What if I say I hate fat people and I find them disgusting because I have been obese in my youth and now if I see an obese person, he reminds me my past and I feel pain. Is it STILL a hate speech?

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In the AskVoat segment a commenter is peeved that his/her comment on this site was removed. The comment is: "Science nigger makes unprovable claim".

If a racist or otherwise nasty comment is not intended to inflict actual hurt on a particular individual, say someone sitting on a bus, and thereby cause them discomfort and reducing their quality of life (to which they are entitled), is it such a big deal? If someone really does, for whatever reason, despise whites, blacks, wogs, jews etc why prevent them from having their say? Are we being didactic if not dictatorial in trying to silence them? I'd suggest that for many, if not most, people, hate speech simply washes over them and leaves them unmoved either way so are those who get hot 'n' bothered by such talk, when they aren't personally affected, being a little precious? When it comes to Politics and the Media surely disapproval by moderates is the only sanction required, not legislative intervention as is the case in Australia with the infamous "18C" which could well be having the effect of preventing people from making any sort of race-based comment, hateful or not. That's not a situation that lends to a healthy democracy in my opinion.

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Hate speech is subjective at best. I for one HATE google, FB, etc... with passion. So that makes anything I say toward them hate speech. No one can read another persons mind and know what they were thinking. We need to STOP trying to read peoples thought and just analyze the facts. Facts (true facts) do not lie. You should not base a penalty based on a persons thoughts, it should be based on the severity of their actions and track record. No one every truly knows another person is thinking.

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Banning things sends them underground, where they fester into virulent poison. Banning 'hate' or 'love' or any emotion is foolish.But I think it is right to have limits on inciting illegal violence. It is easy to determine the difference.'Hate speech' is merely an expresion of opinion or feeling, whereas incitement involves a call to illegal action.

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There is no such thing as "hate speech." There is only FREE SPEECH. Of course, if you don't like what someone else is saying, you can call it hate speech and get that person banned and censored.

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Of course it's overrated.

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