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Accommodating disabled always holds back someone more talented. That spot could have been taken up by a talented musician who could have played music people would have loved and enjoyed.

Instead, that person is not allowed to play there, either legally or because the disabled person is there. And worse, due to the political climate, people have to pretend to enjoy the screaming of a mentally disabled person.

And of course, this encourages people with less talent while discouraging people with more talent. Which drives a race to the bottom of talent.

This is exactly what we're seeing in a lot of Western education systems. A need to push up the lower talent and lower intelligence people, at the expense of more talented and more intelligent people.


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I actually think about this a lot --- I don't think we can accommodate for everything and it is already getting out of hand. It begins to seize up production and growth with everything having to be something like a swiss army knife.

My question then is, where do we draw the line? It has to be on a situation by situation basis and apply common sense however we all know how common sense is.


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Really well said DarktoLight..I second that!


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Yes. People are way too accommodating.

I have a daughter with 2 prosthetic legs, from birth. We have done ZERO to accommodate her regarding accessibility. We didn't do this to be cruel, we just always figured that nobody was going to help her in life so she needed to learn to navigate the world she was in, on the worlds terms.

She does everything just fine. She just got her Drivers License with hand controls she installed herself. She's a Harry Potter fan and her favorite quote is "It may have escaped your notice, but Life ISN'T fair..."

She lives by that, and is better for it. Im not saying there should be some accommodations for handicapped individuals. I just think we take it to extremes in cases that do not warrant it. we have made people helpless.



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This. You're good parents, though most folks would probably tell you otherwise. I have some of my own issues now, and if other 'disabled' (and who gets to decide what that means, anyway?) vets are anything like me it will piss you off the core of your soul how they look at you.

Better to do it yourself. This girl will get it. Her whole life, and she'll be a strong, strong woman.


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Check out Chairslayer on YouTube if she happens to be into motorsports.


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The whole society consists of disabled people, what you expect?