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It is bollocks and a big con to get us divided. As much as all the rest of it they like to stir up!

I , for one don't bother with it . I bother with truth ! There is always a way to treat others politely even if you can't stand them! I see men and women as a bunch of the same type living on this awesome Earth! As long as we don't cause harm or loss to ANYTHING it's all good by me!

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A form of self-censorship.

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A form of polite but subtle censorship.

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It's a form of fascism -- liberal fascism. It's individuals and gangs in the street, threatening, intimidating, and attacking people to suppress their free speech. It's the same thing communist gangs did in Berlin in the 1930s, which led to the Brown Shirts, who were created to protect ordinary Germans against communist violence.

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madness under a different name

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mental illness