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To me the major plot line of the show is a superior race killing off another. https://youtu.be/EtcuX70rj4Y . In this clip he talks about modern man eating the Neanderthal. Multiple times during the season we are told how much smarter the robots are that the humans and how they will never die So when Deloris tells us about land not belong to new or old settlers but someone yet to come she is obviously talking about the robots that are on the peak of self awareness. I also would like to point out that using oppressed to describe what the robots went through is at the very least a understatement. So more to your point I found it very telling that they used two women as the protagonists and wouldn't you know it the bad guys re white men.To me this is an accepted norm, you will never see the opposite in a main stream network show. You could blame it on a pc culture or lazy writing either way it has made to many show predictable.