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PDF is available at the link for download.


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Deintley will download and more thourougly read through later today but I just woke up haha. My question is how do we implement such a system? Unless the world leaders are down for this idea which is unlikely, there will probably be quite a bit of resistance. I guess when our system fails relatively soon this could actually be a viable option but how do you think it will be implemented?


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good question - have a read though you might see it would be much easier than people would think.

at least to take the first step which is the mesh network, once a protocol is agreed upon the beginning of that is simple, in fact it's really a mystery to me that it doesn't already exist?

but yes as the breakdown of society continues there will be more and more opportunity for a free open mesh network.

it can't come from established institutions it will definitely come from small 'ignored' groups around the world.

look for the groups that have no 'followers' because in this reality the ones that have 'lots' of members are constructs. (i.e fake)

that works well for a good indicator:

like for example :



there are many others of course.


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So I read through and it actually seems like it could work quite well; with the open source and decentralization most things would sort themselves out, like the potatoes thieves haha. One issue I could see is people that join a community and get their credits, then spend them all right away then leave that community to join another to repeat the same process. I don't think this would work in the 'mark' communities because there could probably be a way to look at a persons background before they join and it would be easily identified that this person has a pattern of joining and leaving so they just wouldn't let him in. But this could easily go on in the non-mark communities and there could easily be a group of people that make a 'living' just bY joining communities to get credits to spend then buying tons of goodies, then leaving again. I'd like a community that either gives a low starting amount, then giving a bigger amount of credits once they've proved their worth by innovating/creating things, or one that makes it a requirement to stay and be active in the community for x time before they can leave. Also, maybe I missed reading it but would/could credits be transferrable between communities or no? For instance if I wanted to take a vacation to Brazil would I be able to purchase foods and souvineres with my community credits? Or would I need to just join a Brazilian community to get credits to use on my vacation? That also ties back into people joining just to buy things then leaving so what do you think about that. Going on vacation might be a problem in this system unless its sorted out