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The Rookie uses the same Music Prod as Apex

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Still awake they showed me a few forms. Hybrids, blue veins, still very tall.

It was a terrarium. Scorpions and something that was a herbivore, but I don't think too many herbivores were left.

I said "aw fuck no" when I saw the Scorpions and knew one was about to leave.

By the time my mates saw it on the floor, moving left out of the glass aquarium, through the lizard snacks, it was driving its own little popemobile.

Trying to leave.

My 'friend' was half asleep, not equipped, not even dressed. It was playing with the scorpion, as the scorpion in its little white "car" tried to leave my friend tapped on the ground like trying to summon a gerbil toward it.

I warned that the thing was dangerous, I warned that it could sting. I yelled to smush it, and then after my friend, wearing flip flops and a bathrobe smushed it, I warned it could still sting after it was dead.

Once it was dead I could see more detail. It had long arachnid/shrimp legs.

It was dead though, and apparently the terrarium is Earth.