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Aaron Russo, hmm yes, that movie guy right? And his friend that told him stuff...what's his name (sorry it's been awhile)...somefella...no...Rockerfeller. That's right Rockerfeller, yes. Interesting stuff.

But seriously, RFID has been around for a very long time, and in that time has really gone nowhere. Sure it pops up in the odd news clip or doco here and there and some people have had them implanted. And maybe even someday when we are already all but chipped anyway they may be the thing. Meantime, something about them just doesn't add up, it feels like they were desinged to offend.

Btw: No offence intended. Its very late and I'm very tired.


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Smartphones have mics, cameras, GPS, Web data, Social media, personal files, you name it. They have the potential to track everything we do, say, see, buy and are not only excepted by the masses already, we even buy them for ourselves and each other.

Who needs RFID? Perhaps RFID was just a Red herring all along.


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I've never owned a cell phone for that reason.