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so, just gonna throw a super, super dark idea out here and ill say, right away i realize how evil it would be, but, what if they made people in prisons wear electode hats?


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Any questions about this technology, how to counteract it, how to deal with EHS symptoms, how to fight it, etc... please hit me up. I personally suffer from EHS and have been dealing with the Frey effect buzzing, the rage that 4g cellphones produce, the implantation of thoughts that are not yours (this skill is difficult, you really have to figure out and fully understand your own thinking, so that when they implant a thought NOT yours, you will know it. Most people have no idea that many of the thoughts in their head were put there and are not theirs.) And all the rest of the garbage that comes along with the Death Towers that have been going up everywhere. :)


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This can be done but it is more complex than is explained, the actual nature of these systems will be very difficult for most humans to understand, I'll expand by saying these points:

  • Can human science find consciousness in the brain?
  • EM waves are translated by the 'Third eye' the Pineal Gland.
  • who and what you are is not your brain matter, your brain is a dual use 'USB' drive for memories.

And it only gets more difficult to explain from there.

in essence if you want to look at it simplistically you are a 'living EM wave'.

the EM in most living things has more 'power' than the total of all energy on the earth however, it varies with individual to individual and it is based on their 'consensus' i.e basically 'what they believe'

so I'll leave that for you to wrap your mind around.


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So what, now we're literally dealing with topic of wearing tin-foil hats, to screen ourselves from brainwashing transmissions ''They Live''-style?